Electrolyte & Acid Base Day

A Day of virtual teaching covering the basic to advanced concepts and management of various electrolytes and acid base disorders.

About the programme

Electrolyte and acid base abnormalities are commonly faced in both the ward and critical care setting, inability to correctly diagnose the underlying cause and treat appropriately can lead to life-threatening consequences.

The ‘Electrolyte and Acid Base Day’ teaching program will be useful for both practising doctors who wish to revise and update their understanding of these common but often difficult conditions as well as doctors pursuing fellowship or postgraduation in medical sub specialities, anaesthetic or critical care medicine.

Our faculty of dedicated speakers including respiratory physicians, nephrologists and intensivists from Australia, UK, Malaysia and India will help you to enhance your skills when dealing with these challenging conditions and optimise your patient care.

“Live Streaming & Recording Access”

While ‘Electrolyte and Acid Base Day’ will be in a virtual format and live streamed, registrants will have access to the entire event’s recordings for a period of six months.

Event Details

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Highlights of the Day

  • Physiology of Na+, K+, Ca+ and acid base and relation to the kidney
  • Physiology of respiratory acid base balance
  • Disorders of Na+: hyponatremia and hypernatremia
  •  Hypokalemia and hyperkalemia and their relation to  acid-base disorders
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Respiratory acidosis and alkalosis
  • Metabolic acidosis and alkalosis
  • Two case-based sessions
  • Four Q and A sessions

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This event is now completed. The on – demand recording of the live stream are now available.
If you missed out on the live event and would like to get access to the on demand recording, registrations are still open.
Registrants will have access to the entire event’s recordings for a period of six months.

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