Dr. Tan Li Ping

Clinical Nephrologist

Hi all, my name is Tan Li Ping. I did my Medical Degree at the University of Calgary, Canada and then went south to the United States, for my Internal Medicine training. Got lured into Nephrology by a pipe smoking, cowboy boots wearing nephrologist for whom I shall forever be grateful to. Chose to do my Renal Fellowship at the University of Minnesota in 2005 and in 2009, I made my way back to my home country of Malaysia where I spent 5 years teaching at the University of Malaya. Along the way, I squeezed in time to get a Masters of Public Health, which is really good training to have, I highly recommend it.

Currently, I’m attached to the Ramsay Sime Darby Health group, where I am a full time clinical nephrologist with a mix of interests, including renal physiology, acid base and electrolyte disorders.

Outside of work, I like the outdoors and am very much an animal person.

Have fun with the lectures.

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